June 16, 2024

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KT SAT Partners with Rivada for Multi-orbit Satellite Business

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KT SAT announced on May 29 that it will participate in the largest satellite communication exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, ‘Satellite Asia 2024’. 

‘Satellite Asia 2024’ is a satellite communication exhibition part of the ‘Asia Tech x Singapore’ event where global technology companies gather, and it will be held for three days starting on that day at the Singapore Expo in Singapore.

On that day, KT SAT signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a German Low Earth Orbit satellite operator, ‘Rivada Space Networks’ (Rivada). This partnership with global Low Earth Orbit operators, including Starlink in August last year and OneWeb in February this year, is aimed at securing a foundation for Multi-orbit business for KT SAT.

KT SAT explained that the collaboration with Rivada aims to secure Low Earth Orbit satellite capacity and diversify the portfolio of products for different customer groups to leap as a Multi-orbit operator.

Furthermore, based on the partnership with Rivada, KT SAT plans to meet various customer demands such as high-speed communication, security, and network survivability in the rapidly changing global satellite market environment, and provide differentiated customer value.

Rivada sets itself apart by providing highly secure services through 100% satellite-to-satellite communication without ground gateway connections. KT SAT plans to provide a high-speed satellite network, utilizing Rivada services, focusing on security-sensitive customers such as military, government, and the financial sector.

Rivada plans to launch a total of 600 Low Earth Orbit satellites by 2028 and establish a global Point to Point (PTP) communication network through satellite-to-satellite laser communication.

On May 30, KT SAT will participate in a panel discussion on the theme of ‘Future Vision of Satellite Operators in the Asia-Pacific Region’ as a side event of ‘Satellite Asia 2024’, to share various achievements in pursuing partnerships with global Low Earth Orbit operators and aiming to provide Multi-orbit services.

In addition, KT SAT will introduce specialized technologies and services, as well as next-generation satellite technologies at their exhibition booth. It also plans to hold events where international customers and partner representatives visiting the booth can experience Korean culture through events such as tasting makgeolli (rice wine), Korean traditional sweets, and ‘dalgonas’ (Korean candy).

“In the future satellite communication market, it is crucial to meet various customer demands such as security and communication speed,” said KT SAT’s CEO, Seo Young-soo. “KT SAT will proactively seek excellent business partners like Rivada and collaborate to lead the future satellite market by preemptively securing Non-Geostationary Orbit satellite resources and distinctive solutions.”

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