July 25, 2024

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X Launches Ads Academy Marketing Education Platform

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The platform formerly known as Twitter has refreshed and relaunched its “Flight School” ads education platform, with X’s new “Ads Academy” now available to those who want to improve their X ads knowledge.

X Ads Academy

X’s Ads Academy is designed to help businesses and marketers create more effective ad campaigns, with a range of courses that provide helpful overviews of X’s ad system.

As per X:

“Whether you’re new to advertising or looking to refine your skills, X Ads Academy offers courses and learning paths tailored to your needs. For everyone from professional marketers to small business owners, X Ads Academy will help you connect with X’s uniquely receptive, influential, and affluent user base.”

This is seemingly X’s new angle, that while it can’t match the reach offered by other platforms, its user base is more influential, which is why brands should be looking to up their X ad spend.

That was essentially the key pitch that X owner Elon Musk made in his recent appearance at the Cannes Lions Festival, in which he proclaimed that X is “the best way to reach the most influential people on Earth”.

It’s hard to say whether that remains true, but Twitter did always hit above its weight in terms of reach and resonance, despite having far fewer users than other apps. X’s own data suggests that it hasn’t seen any user growth in almost two years, so it’s clearly not broadening its reach, but many influential people are still active in the app.

Is it the best collection of the most influential people in the world? I’d say this is more of an industry-by-industry, niche-by-niche view, but maybe, you could get the attention of key voices there.

X’s Ads Academy aims to show you how to do this, with re-skinned Flight School courses, where the “Twitter” references have been replaced with the new moniker.

Though there are still various mentions of “Flight School” within its documentation, as with many of Twitter’s pages.

I mean, there are a lot of Twitter and bird references to replace, so that’s understandable. But in case you were wondering what exactly this new education platform is, it’s Twitter Flight School at its core.

In addition to the basic courses, marketers can also gain certification in X Ads, while you can also earn badges to showcase your X ads knowledge on platforms like LinkedIn, so you can demonstrate your expertise

X Ads Academy currently offers 31 courses and 4 certifications in English.

You can access all of the re-badged courses here.


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