June 16, 2024

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LinkedIn unveils new video ads and AI enhancements for B2B marketing

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The news: LinkedIn is courting B2B marketers with new advertising features, including video, AI-powered optimization, and seamless design capabilities.

The video push: LinkedIn’s new Wire program allows marketers to promote in-stream video ads alongside content from trusted publishers including Barron’s, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

  • With 75% of US adults spending up to 2 hours per day watching short videos, and video uploads on LinkedIn up 45% year over year, this program aligns brand messaging with premium video that buyers are already consuming heavily.
  • B2B buyers want video, which typically delivers higher engagement on LinkedIn.
  • Since buyers will spend 55 minutes more per day with digital video than traditional TV, attaching brand messages to engaging video content can boost recall during purchase decisions. Advertisers can run self-serve in-stream ads ahead of publisher videos in LinkedIn’s feed, which measures 99% brand safe, according to the company’s analysis.
  • This comes on the heels of LinkedIn launching CTV ads in April.

Accelerating Accelerate: LinkedIn is expanding Accelerate globally after initially testing the program last October. Advertisers create campaigns 15% more efficiently and drive 52% lower cost per action compared to classic campaigns, the company said.

  • The feature allows advertisers to draft engaging ad creatives using AI integration with Microsoft Designer; they describe their vision and Designer generates multiple creative options with different imagery and text overlays to customize.
  • Calendly found Accelerate delivered over three times higher lead conversions and curbed the cost per lead by two-thirds versus its typical campaigns.
  • As these AI-powered tools roll out globally, including AI-generated ad copy in English, LinkedIn aims to provide more automated intelligence to assist marketers in efficiently reaching and resonating with their audiences across premium publishing partners.

Why it matters: After a year of tight budgets and intense pressure to prove return on investment, B2B marketers are optimistic. A new LinkedIn benchmark report found nearly nine out of 10 marketers are confident they can drive revenues in the coming year.

  • With only 5% of buyers actively shopping at any given time, compelling video and AI’s creative capabilities can help forge relationships and confidence among the full buying committee. This prime position allows brands to engage when buyers do enter an active purchase evaluation.

Our take: We forecast LinkedIn’s US ad revenues to grow 13.9% this year to $4.51 billion.

  • Display revenues, which include video, are projected to outpace overall growth at 16%. However, there could be additional upside if LinkedIn continues to embrace video in a brand-safe way.


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