June 22, 2024

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How Is Affiverse Helping the World Do Affiliate Marketing, Better?

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As we prepare to sign-off on a busy and prosperous Chapter One of 2024, we’ve decided to take some time to outline all of the services we offer at Affiverse. The end of January is a chance to review the first month of the year and look at the year ahead, to ensure that your goals for the year remain on track. How can we help you achieve your key targets for this year?

The Affiverse Mission

Since 2019, we have experienced tremendous growth, but the principles of what we do have remain unchanged. The Affiverse mission is clear – we are helping the world do affiliate marketing, better. On this platform, we provide insight, content and commentary to help affiliates, and affiliate marketing professionals across all niches and industries perform their roles with excellence and integrity. Our goal is to educate, enlighten and inform affiliate professionals from all parts of this industry with key insights on innovative affiliate marketing trends, leadership strategies, support services, tactics and interviews and podcasts, webinars and virtual learning events. 

What We Do At Affiverse

We deliver the best-in-class affiliate marketing services and support to our community, clients and suppliers, too. Our vision is to create the kind of company that empowers individuals and teams to do their best performance marketing work.

We endeavour to keep pushing performance marketing forward by understanding new trends, communicating best practices, and servicing our clients with trust, integrity, honesty and an unending passion for this industry and its continued growth.

Today, we offer three areas of service and support to those who wish to engage within this growing partnership economy and who want to build sustainable sales channels for their business.

1. Agency – Let us help your affiliate program grow!

Our award-winning agency is helping brands to launch, scale and grow profitable affiliate marketing programs. Our experienced team offers a range of affiliate program management and consultancy services. Perhaps you need help getting started with an affiliate marketing program and don’t know how to begin? Or your sales have plateaued and you can’t figure out why? We will provide expertise to kickstart your strategy and help you to launch.

If your program isn’t quite where it should be, our in-depth program audits can help you discover new growth opportunities to bring things back on track. You access our expertise and we create a clear plan of action that drives consistent sales. We’ll help you map out every step required to launch a successful affiliate program. From running a comprehensive analysis of your competitors to helping you develop your affiliate program USPs, pricing and budget. We’ll make sure you are ready to execute your marketing, PR, and program promotions plan, so that you are connecting to the right affiliates and partners from day one.

Discover the full range of services and the client’s we’ve helped  here.

2. Media & Podcast Outlets

Our media and podcast advertising channels are helping connect suppliers, buyers, publishers and advertisers (demand and supply) in the affiliate and performance marketing industry to generate new leads, build stronger businesses and support industry learnings. Sponsor a season or just an episode – but get in on the growth our podcast channel is showing. With over 500 – 5* Reviews on Apple and charting in over 35 countries worldwide you’re putting your business in front of a target audience of regular downloads each week!

Our website now reaches almost 1 Million impressions a month and offers fantastic opportunities for agencies, networks, brands and publishers to do PR and lead generation campaigns and engage with our audiences  in our social media channels. We offer  a variety of options for you to promote your products and services in our targeted affiliate and digital marketing community. Get in touch with our sales team today and we’ll help you find the right placements to build new connections.

Download our Media & Podcast decks here.

 3. Events and Training

Our virtual and in-person training and learning summits  bring together industry veterans who share real tactical insights and deep practical advice on how to AMPLIFY and ELEVATE your affiliate program and partnerships.

As well as coaching affiliate program managers working agency, network and advertiser side to excel in their now complex roles across our  bespoke Affiliate Manger Performance Program (AMPP).

We also love to take Affiverse around the world to in-person events where you can join us at AMLeaders in Miami, this April. This is your exclusive springboard to affiliate marketing mastery. AMLeaders is the joint brainchild of industry veteran Lee-Ann Johnstone, founder of Affiverse and Matthew Wood, founder of Hello Partner and PILive events. This is the one event that enables affiliate managers to triage their programs and get tactics advice one-to-one, with some of the industries most experienced program mangers and OG’s in affiliate marketing.

Home or Away – you can still access all of our content On-Demand!  

Live events are crucial to developing our learning and build lasting relationships – and so are virtual events. We know that taking time to travel isn’t always an option, so we bring the knowledge right to you!

We pride ourselves on the content jam-packed into our digital learning summits. Don’t miss your chance to  book your ALL ACCESS Ticket to AMPLIFY 2024 for just £49. You’ll learn from wherever in the world you happen to be and you will be able to engage first hand with a bevy of industry leaders.

Watch our live-streamed informed debates covering new trends and expert-led thought leadership MasterClass workshops, all vetted and designed to help affiliate businesses and program managers  AMPLIFY their performance!

Get your ticket now!

Join Our Affiverse Community 

We are excited to continuously build Affiverse into the chapter and verse on everything you need to be successful in affiliate marketing. As we continue to push the boundaries of performance marketing, we invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey towards excellence and innovation in the affiliate marketing landscape.

Talk to a member of our team today.


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